Connect and Mobilize Activists with an Easy-to-Use, Customizable Online Petition App.

How to Build an Online Petition App

Online petition apps are a great way to connect activists from around the world and spread awareness for their cause. They offer a variety of features including e-signature capabilities and powerful data management.

Start by choosing a category that best represents your issue. Then write a petition title that encapsulates your goal.

Easy to use

Online petitions are a great way to raise awareness about a cause you care about. They can be easily promoted on social media and other platforms, helping you reach a wider audience. They also allow you to keep track of signatures in real time and build a community of people with the same interest.

To create a petition, start by identifying the problem you want to address. Then, identify the people or organizations that have power to make a change. Next, write a compelling message that explains the issue in detail and why it’s important to you. The best petitions are personal and evoke feelings of empathy in the reader.

Creating an online petition is easy and free, although you may have to pay for some premium features on some sites. These include better customization options and the ability to create a custom URL. Some websites also provide an API that allows you to connect your online petition with other systems.


A petition is an effective way to mobilize public opinion on a specific issue. It’s especially useful if you’re on a tight deadline, when it can help to demonstrate strong public support before a vote or decision.

Petition apps offer customization options so you can tailor the form to fit your organization’s unique style and brand identity. You can also add compelling visuals to your online petition to draw attention and encourage readers to sign. These features can boost the effectiveness of your advocacy campaign and increase the likelihood that you’ll reach your goal.

Another important feature of online petition software is its ability to send instant notifications for every submission. This allows you to keep up with your supporters and respond quickly to their inquiries. It’s also a great way to promote your petition on social media. It’s essential to include a variety of social share buttons on your petition website so that readers can easily spread the word.

CAPTCHA anti-spam feature

If you’re experiencing a lot of spam submissions in your online petition, you can safeguard it using the CAPTCHA anti-spam feature. This solution is available in the form of a plugin and helps reduce spam without disrupting your visitors’ experience or compromising their data privacy.

Traditional CAPTCHA methods ask users to click a checkbox or identify images to verify that they are not robots. However, modern AI technology has advanced to the point where distorted text can no longer be reliably used to detect robots.

Luckily, there are many alternatives to this challenge-response method, including Turnstile by Cloudflare. This solution uses a variety of different techniques to verify users’ identities, which eliminates the need for any human interaction. It also allows you to add titles and descriptive text, making it a more user-friendly and engaging experience for your petition’s signers. Moreover, it lets you export all submissions to CSV for easy monitoring and management.

Export to CSV

Collect signatures from supporters online through a dedicated petition form to spread the word about your cause. Online petitions are tailor-made to field test mission-motivated marketing messaging across a variety of communications channels, and can be connected directly to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics for powerful data management and reporting.

Receive instant notifications each time a supporter signs your petition, and enable automated email alerts for every form submission. This functionality ensures that you stay connected with your followers, fostering engagement and driving the success of your petition.

Organizers can also download a spreadsheet in CSV format with all collected signatures for use in other tools and software programs. This feature is useful for managing interactions with your signers, producing reports, and studying trends to optimize your campaign. In addition, you can choose a start and end date to download only signatures collected during that period. This allows you to perform mail merges and analyze your petition’s performance.

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