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Online complaint india post is a facility provided by India Post to address the grievances of citizens. The service helps in solving issues related to logistics and delivery services, post office banking services (savings bank, deposit and payment related complaints), insurance policy issuance delays, etc.

The below details contain the contact number, e-mail and address of the Chief Public Grievance Nodal Officers in different circles of India Post.

Complaint Tracking System

Having an effective complaint tracking system is essential for businesses. It helps to ensure that all customer feedback is recorded, and it can help identify potential problems within your business. This can also help improve customer service. A good complaint management system should also allow you to easily track past interactions with your customers.

Whether you’re a consumer or an employee, lodging a complaint can be a time-consuming process. To save time, you can file a complaint online. The process is simple, and it can provide you with faster redressal.

To lodge an online complaint, visit the official India Post website and click on ’Tools & Help’. From there, select ‘Customer Complaint’ and fill out the necessary information. Be sure to take note of the complaint registration number, as this will be needed to check on the status of your complaint. If your complaint is not resolved as per your satisfaction, you can escalate it to the higher authorities.

Customer Care Numbers

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by India Post, you can use their customer care numbers to get help. These numbers can be used to report problems with logistics and delivery (postal cards, letters, parcels, and express mail), postal bank services (banking, saving account, payments, transactions, official issues, and insurance), and money transfer.

If your complaint is not resolved after escalation to the branch manager, you can file it with the public grievance officer at the post office or via online portal. When you do, be sure to include the acknowledgement number and description of your issue in your complaint.

You can also raise your grievance to the Chief Postmaster General and Nodal Officers of your circle. This will ensure that your complaint is handled quickly and effectively. However, you should remember that it may take a while to get your complaint resolved. This is because India Post has a large network and it takes time to process your request.

Email Address

If you have a complaint about the services of India Post, you can easily lodge it at the grievance redressal portal. This is an easy and convenient way to resolve your complaints, and you can track the progress of your complaint through an email confirmation. Be sure to provide a valid email address, and include a detailed description of your issue in your e-mail. You should also mention any relevant documents or receipts.

If your complaint is not resolved within 60 days, you can escalate it to the next level. The Chief Public Grievance Nodal Officers of each circle are listed below, with their email addresses and phone numbers. This information is provided to help you contact the higher authorities if your complaint is unresolved.

Contact Us

Many people face problems when they use the India Post services. Fortunately, the government has set up a grievance redressal system to help resolve these issues. This system includes toll-free helpline numbers, e-mails, and complaint registration forms. Using this system will ensure that your issue is addressed as soon as possible.

When lodging a complaint, be sure to provide as much information as possible. Include a detailed description of your issue and any relevant documents. Additionally, be sure to include your contact information so the post office can respond to your query.

If your complaint is not resolved within 60 days, you can contact the Postal Directorate’s Public Grievance Officer by e-mail or in writing. This is the highest level of redressal for customers and citizens. The PG officer will review your complaint and take appropriate action. If you are still unsatisfied with the response from the PG officer, you can contact the Senior Superintendent of the concerned post office division.

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