Exceptions and Petitions at UCR: Requesting Changes to Policies and Requirements

Online Petition UCR

Online petition ucr are used for exceptions to policies, requirements or rules. Examples include requesting enrollment beyond the maximum unit limit without your advisor’s permission, changing your grading basis for ENGL 100 and higher, transferring courses from another institution or waiving a degree requirement. Some petitions require a fee.

Learn more about how to cancel your registration, withdraw from the university or take a leave of absence and read directions for graduate students seeking to return from an academic withdrawal.

Exceptions to Standing Policies

There are some cases where students need to use the online petition in order to request exceptions to standing policies, requirements or rules of the Bourns College of Engineering or UCR. Most of these exceptions are best requested after consultation with an advisor. Petitions without complete details might be denied. Students may also need to submit an online petition if they wish to add or drop courses after week two, change their major, declare a minor, graduate, or withdraw from the university. It is important to understand the implications of these decisions on financial aid, housing, health centers, and other services that require full status.

Exceptions to Grading Requirements

Online petitions can be used to request exceptions to standing policies, requirements or rules of the Bourns College of Engineering and UCR. These petitions should only be used after consultation with your academic advisor. Petitions should be clear and complete. Petitions that lack full details will likely be denied.

For example, students can take up to 18 units without a faculty-approved exception if their cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher. Enrolling in more than 18 units requires an approved petition. Similarly, graduate students may need a petition to change their enrollment from letter grade to S/NC for courses that fulfill a breadth requirement (this exception is only granted for upper-division courses).

A petition is also required to change majors, declare a minor or withdraw from the university. Withdrawal from the university has consequences beyond your academic status and you should consult with Financial Aid, Veteran’s Resource Center, Housing or other entities that require full-time student status before submitting this form.

Exceptions to Grading Policy

There are a variety of reasons why students need to petition. Examples include: adding or dropping courses after week two, changing your major or minor, declaring a new minor, graduating, or taking a leave of absence or applying for readmission. Some petitions require a fee and may need a signature.

Note that BCOE advising will deny an online petition to change the grading basis for any ENGL Composition, MATH, Science, or Engineering course from letter grade to S/NC unless there is a compelling academic reason to do so. Incompletes – the petition must contain a signed agreement between the instructor and student regarding completion of assignments and/or work that will be submitted to the instructor at the time of final grade reporting.

If you are a graduate student who has withdrawn from your program, see the directions on how to apply for readmission through the university by visiting myforms. The University Withdrawal form must be completed by the end of week eight to avoid a W grade on all courses taken during that quarter.

Exceptions to Course Requirements

Using the online petition form, students can request exceptions to course requirements. For example, students can petition to bypass course prerequisites if they are already registered for the courses that satisfy them. However, the student’s petition will be reviewed by the director and associate dean of the department to find academic justification. If the petition is not well-written, it will likely be denied.

Other common petitions include: changing a course grading option, adding or dropping classes after week two and transferring in credits from another university or program. Withdrawing from the university can have consequences that extend beyond academic standing and may impact financial aid, housing, veterans’ resources or other entities requiring full-time status.

Students who have withdrawn from the university can apply for readmission by following the directions on the Graduate Admissions website. Students can also cancel their registration, take a leave of absence or withdraw from the university for an entire quarter. However, withdrawing from the university erases all academic effort for a full term and may affect eligibility for readmission to a graduate program.

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