An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Gather Signatures for Your Cause

Online Petition Creator

Online petition creator is an easy and cost-effective way to gather signatures for your cause. It provides a variety of templates that are designed to suit different topics. Each includes a specific statement of purpose, which contextualizes the petition online and persuades supporters to sign. It also cites sources, which strengthens its legitimacy.

Easy to use

A well-crafted petition backed by the right people can change how a government or organization handles their business. The petition process is simple: just enter your cause, give it a title, select prominent people or organizations who have the power to solve the problem, and add some additional information.

Ensure your petition is easy to read and clear. If possible, use a graphic that conveys your point of view. Avoid too many statistics or facts – keep it brief and concise. The key is to show why the issue matters and motivate people into taking action.

The petition form is easy to customize and can be matched to your website’s design and style. It is also mobile-friendly, making it easier for people to sign on the go. The best part is that you don’t have to do any coding. There are plenty of templates and skins that you can choose from to create a custom petition form.


Petition forms are easy to set up, mobile-friendly and a great way to get the word out about your cause. They’re also customizable, making it easy to collect signatures online and share them with your audience.

Petition submissions can be exported to a CSV file, making them easier to manage and integrate into other tools and software. This allows petition organizers to keep track of all interactions with supporters and analyze trends in their campaign’s success.

The most successful petitions use reader-centred writing to connect people with the issue they are supporting. It is also important to use a compelling image that complements and reinforces the petition title and story. Using a simple form template, petition creators can easily send emails to their supporters to share updates on their campaign’s progress. They can also add a link to a custom “Thank You” page and customized messaging on this page. These features help them build momentum and keep their supporters engaged.


The online petition creator is easy to use and allows you to customize your form, so you can collect the information you need. It also allows you to monitor the submissions and view all responses in a user-friendly interface. This makes it easier to track your success and reach your goal.

To increase the number of signatures, make your petition as compelling and personal as possible. Describe the problem, who is affected by it, and why they should care. Avoid using CAPS and extra punctuation, which can be interpreted as sensationalized.

Petition forms can be abused if signers use pseudonyms, and are often accused of being a form of “slacktivism.” However, despite this, they can provide an important way to spread the word and engage citizens in the political process. They can even inspire people to seek more information and act on the issues they care about. In fact, some studies have shown that learning more about an issue can lead people to higher levels of involvement and commitment.


Petition websites are a powerful way to bring your message to people who might otherwise not hear it. Using petition maker, you can easily create a website that conveys the urgency of your cause and evokes sympathy for the problem at hand. You can also customize the color scheme of your site to amplify its emotional impact.

Unlike paper petitions of the past, online petitions allow us to gather signatures quickly and spread them widely. They’re often used in political campaigns, social causes, and policy changes. Some popular petitions include requests to stop construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, honor veterans or create holidays, and investigate crimes.

While petitions don’t necessarily achieve change, they can help us shine a spotlight on a cause and inspire others to join the movement. They can also show elected officials that a significant number of constituents care about an issue, which may influence their decisions or signal the media to do a story on it.

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